Become a Mechanic Master with your DS

It starts by pushing a marble down an incline, the marble hits a domino and the effect continues till at the end a weight forces down a scale, which tips up to turn on a light switch. This is a Rube Goldberg Machine. For those unfamiliar with these machines try to remember how all of the booby traps worked in the movie The Goonies (if you haven’t seen this movie, I don’t want to write for you. Please stop reading). There are several crazy machines or steps to build up for a fantastically simple event, like opening the gate for your friend Chunk.

Named after after Pulitzer Prize winning American political cartoonist, Rube Goldberg, these machines are now going to be the central focus of the new Nintendo DS puzzler Mechanic Master. In Mechanic Master you’ll have to use all your whits and your stylus to draw, move, place and teleport objects in order to solve 100 levels of puzzling genius. You will also have different tools to clear the stages like gravity shifters, laser pistols and mirrors to cut things and a vortex to make things disappear.

Once a Mechanic Master you can try your hand at creating your own machines. Use your Wi-Fi to send friends your machines or even send them a brief game demo.

Mechanic Master is targeting the family-oriented audience and shouldn’t be mind cripplingly hard. The younger appeal might also explain why Midway went with an alien invasion story. Somehow your puzzle solving will help free captured humans and save the world. So grab your stylus and go to war/sit down and enjoy a nice puzzle when the game releases this October.