New Mirror’s Edge trailer unveils story elements

Ever since EA announced that DICE is working on Mirror’s Edge, there’s been a steady buzz and build-up for this first-person parkour game, and we’ve seen our fair share of screenshots as well as a gameplay trailer that was released during Sony’s PlayStation Day back in May along the way. Now, another new trailer has hit the net, focusing on giving us a clear view on exactly why you will be running and jumping on rooftops while evading speeding bullets. It’s not in-game footage this time around, but a very nicely animated video that fits right in with the theme and style of the game.

The plot, which is handled by Rhianna Pratchett of Heavenly Sword fame, revolves around the title character Faith, who is a ‘runner’ (an information courier), and her sister, who has been framed by the Po-Po (that’s police for you slang-linguistically challenged out there) for a crime she didn’t commit.  And it’s up to you and your controller of choice to set things straight in a city, while very clean and shiny, gone downhill.

Unless you’re going to E3 next week like our very own Matthew, Jeremy and Alix, then the only chance you’ll get to play this promising title will be with the rest of us when it drops later this year for the PS3, 360, and PC.

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