No videogame for The Dark Knight?

As we approach July 18th, there seems to be one thing all critics, fans, and soccer moms (yes, soccer moms) can agree on….The Dark Knight will indeed kick much ass. But arguably one of the most remarkable aspects of this film has to be evident to gamers: There is no video game tie-in for this soon to be summer blockbuster. I don’t see this necessarily as a bad thing, but I must ask — Why?

Big movies and crappy-to-mediocre videogame adaptations go hand in hand, certainly someone in marketing must have known this. It doesn’t even have to be a good game because they know avid fans and loyal Gothamites would gladly fork over their hard earned money for a chance to play a Batman game on a current-gen console. I myself am guilty of this. Yes, I bought Transformers: The Video Game and more recently The Incredible Hulk, and two weeks later I took it right back to EB, heartbroken by what I had hoped to be a current-gen gem (I’m coining that!) to carry the proverbial torch of The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction only to be provided a broken game that not even the Gamestop exclusive Red Hulk could fix. Obviously I am not the only gamer who’s been duped into purchasing games based on my most beloved IPs, but the fact that not a single sign of a game being developed for a production of this scope, to swindle me and bat-fans out of our money is almost disrespectful!

So what happened? Back in April, when IGN apparently posted a news item and then immediately pulled it, it was assumed that Star Wars Battlefront and Full Spectrum Warrior developer Pandemic Studios was working on the tie-in, supposedly to be released on all major platforms including the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. But this rumor was quickly shot down as no official press release ever made such an announcement.

So I call party foul on whoever is behind The Dark Knight for not giving us the poorly executed, rushed development, broken game we deserve. I’m afraid the only game Bat-fans will have to look forward to is LEGO Batman which, unfortunately, looks to be a pretty good game. Where’s that damn bat signal when you need it…