Promised Too Human demo available Monday

To say that Too Human has had rough development process would be a bit of an understatement. In the last 9 years, the game has been in development on 3 different consoles and Silicon Knights has been in still-unresolved legal battles with Epic Games. With all of this considered, it would be understandable that some people might be wary of the finished product, and Dennis Dyack earlier assured us that there would be a demo to ease our minds. This coming Monday, the promised demo, showcasing a portion of the first level, will finally be arriving on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. However, like with many demos, you must have Xbox LIVE Gold subscription to download the demo for the first week or so.

For those not in the know of Too Human’s backstory, players take the role of Baldur, a cybernetic Norse god whose mission is to protect the human race from a ruthless army of machines. The gameplay itself is an action-RPG hybrid, with 5 different character classes and a branching skill tree. If you can’t wait for Monday to see what Too Human has to offer, there’s a brand new trailer on Xbox LIVE Marketplace right now. The full game is set for an August 19 release in the US and August 29th in Europe, exclusively on the Xbox 360, so you’ll have plenty of time to spend with the demo before you have to decide whether or not the long production time has been worth it.

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