Eye Candy Recap / July 12

You’ve no doubt noticed that That VideoGame Blog has gone through a few little changes in the past week or so. We’ve launched Community Discussions, a place for you to, you guessed it, discuss all things awesome and win stuff while doing it! And secondly, we tidied up the Image Galleries a bit, and that’s what this post is all about.

Allow me to introduce a new feature, a feature that will let you know about all the new images/concept art/screenshots that are released by developers and publishers for their games, and one that will get yours truly a bit more involved in the writing side of things again, as opposed to laughing manically while messing around behind the scenes. Sometimes you’ll be seeing this feature daily — like during the E3 mayhem next week for sure — sometimes every few days, depending on how many new images have been released. So, let’s conveniently name this feature “Eye Candy Recap” for now, take a deep breath, and take off on the maiden voyage, shall we?

First off we have three new screenshots along with three pieces of concept art that surfaced earlier this week from Ubisoft’s new Prince of Persia game, Atlus released some Persona 4 screenshots that went quite nicely with the US release date announcement, the Viva PiƱata: Trouble in Paradise gallery was updated with 2 new colorful screenshots, Silicon Knights’ much doubted Too Human received 17 new image additions — various screenshots, artwork and skill tree images among them — and with a developer Q&A came 3 new screenshots from Bethesda’s Fallout 3. We also have 8 rather beautiful new pieces of artwork from Blizzard’s long-awaited Diablo III, Treyarch released 7 new screenshots from Call of Duty World at War which show that the game has more to it than Japanese soldiers jumping out from within trees, and then there’s 6 shots from Operation Flashpoint 2, 5 from Bikini Zombie Slayers, and finally, 7 new screenshots of the Algol character from Soul Calibur IV.

And finally (really finally), we opened the Giveaway/competition winners gallery, currently populated by photos from three past winners. This gallery will get new additions soon enough, as we currently have two ongoing giveaways (with more to follow), the first being the FaceBreaker/FFTL giveaway we’re working on with EA that can score you Xbox 360 and Wii copies of the game as well as signed FFTL albums, and the other being the one where two HUGE lounge bean bag chairs are up for grabs, all for simply submitting questions. So after checking out some eye candy, move fast and take part in the giveaways — they both end in roughly one week.