Ion’s Drum Rocker peripheral priced

Anyone who has played Rock Band knows just how addictive playing the drums can be.  Well, prepare to reach a whole new level of addiction when the new Drum Rocker comes busting into your living room. Currently, there aren’t many viable options for playing drums on the Xbox 360 aside from the standard set, but that’s all about to change.

Ion Audio is grooming this gorgeous set of drums in anticipation of the upcoming release of Rock Band 2 and frankly, we can’t wait. Ion’s set will be backwards compatible with the original Rock Band title and features a number of improvements over the standard drum set’s design. The Drum Rocker set feature the four standard pads, upgraded and presented in a more ergonomic layout that can be customized to your liking, as well as three full cymbal pads to really flesh out the experience.  The set was engineered by Alesis, a leading name in electronic drums, so you can expect extremely solid design and quality. The set boasts improved pads that quiet the sound of the sticks on the pad and still provides precise response.

One of the other major advantages of this set is the kick pedal. The pedal was one of the major downfalls of Rock Band’s default set as it was typically uncomfortably positioned and prone to breaking. The Drum Rocker seems to remedy that with the ability to secure the pedal anywhere you want via Velcro and a set of retractable spikes.

You can currently pre-order the Drum Rocker for $299 from their website. We’ll let you know any new info on this promising peripheral as it lands.