Killzone 2 “Objective” footage revealed

This upcoming FPS by Guerrilla Games has long been a star on the horizon for many PS3 owners.  Killzone 2 has been something to look forward to ever since the infamous “target render” was shown many moons ago.  Now, some newly released footage from the game, titled “Objective,” is sure to get message boards all atwitter once again surrounding this marquee title.

The footage is a mish-mash of what we’ll assume is gameplay and some short cinematic sequences, and both look rather stunning.  The gameplay itself looks like your standard shooter fare with enemies surrounding and flanking and your squadmates doing their best to fight them off.  The character animations really shine in this clip and the the lighting effects and textures certainly seem to be top-notch.  The player takes cover, shoots from the hip, and uses the scope a number of times throughout the video, all of which is expected in this day of post-CoD4 shooters.

The only concerns we can muster would be that some of the smaller explosions don’t look like they are finished being polished yet, and seem to be just a flash of orange and red that dissipates, but of course the game isn’t finished so we won’t pass judgment yet.  It’s also clear that the enemy A.I. is likely not complete, as is evident in a scene where three Helghast soldiers exit a tank and two of them proceed to kneel down right in the middle of the battlefield with no regard for cover or enemy fire.  Again, this is clearly not a final build of the game, so these observations don’t hinder our anticipation for the title in the least.

Killzone 2 is slated for release in February 2009.  We’ll keep you updated on any new media that is released, and with E3 on the other side of this weekend, you can expect that something more will be teased.

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