More vampire slaying for Nintendo with Buffy on the DS

Buffy fans will have reason to rejoice this November when the story continues with Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice for the Nintendo DS. 505 Games made the announcement on Friday as part of a deal with Twentieth Century Fox. Sacrifice will be penned by one of the series’ writers, Rob Deshotel, and developed by Romanian studio Beast (how close are they to Transylvania I wonder?).

The story will take place after the after the seventh season finale. Players take the role of Buffy in this 3D survival horror as she fights to seal the re-opened Hellmouth. Fans can look forward to 24 levels of action spanning 12 dynamic environments, including locations from the show like Sunnydale High, the Bronze and of course Hellmouth. Expect to see familiar faces too with Angel, Spike, the Master, the First Evil, and the rest of the “Scooby Gang” making an appearance as well.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for 505 Games and we’re working extremely closely with Fox to ensure this is the definitive Buffy the Vampire Slayer experience,” said Rowan Tafler, Global Brand Manager for 505 Games.

Sacrifice will combine third-person and first-person gameplay, but players can switch to only first-person in “Challenge Mode” for increased difficulty. There will be plenty of puzzles and secret areas to unlock as well as 12 different level and sub-level bosses including First Evil. To take on these vampires and demons, Buffy will have 20 types of unique slayer weapons, upgradeable spells and martial arts to help you save the world scantily clad blond style.