Our E3 hopes and dreams

With the week of E3’08 just a mere day away, we here at That VideoGame Blog thought it was prime time to write down our thoughts on what we’re looking forward to seeing during one of the busiest reporting times of the year. Some of these hopes and dreams will no doubt be crushed mercilessly, but then again, that’s one of the kinky pleasures of events like E3, isn’t it?

Speaking of E3, there’s also still time to submit your questions so Matt, Jeremy and Alix — who are on their way to or already in LA — can get them answered by all the developers and publishers they’re going to have sit downs at E3 for you. Checl all the details on that here. But now, here’s what were keeping our collective fingers crossed for:

Rain Anderson. Anything new on Beyond Good & Evil 2 would be most welcome. I’m hopeful Ubisoft will release a second video, showing off the new Jade at the very least. And it goes without saying that the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo press conferences should be extra interesting this year.

I also want: the Too Human demo not to suck, a new Ghost Recon game to be announced (give the PC version back to Red Storm!!), perhaps a little Mass Effect 2 teaser, and something major and totally unexpected.

Ashutosh Chhibbar.I want to see if Microsoft does anything to directly combat the Wii. MiiToos must turn up at the very least. Seeing as Nintendo has almost nothing scheduled for the second half of 08, I’m sure they’ll have some surprises. A new Pikmin/Luigi’s Mansion/Starfox would be very welcome, especially with the pointer.

Thom Dinsdale. I’d really like some Final Fantasy XIII information, I’m sick of hearing nothing but rumors about it. I’d also like a surprise, I don’t like going into these events knowing what they’re going to say. Kind of defies the point of “announcing” something.

Dan Haspert. I have a feeling that is going to be the best E3 yet! The reason I say that is because Sony and Microsoft need to put all their cards on the table because the rest of the year is going to be huge for both companies. I cant wait to watch the press conferences, they’re always interesting.

I also want: BioWare to give details on either KOTOR 3, their new MMO, or BOTH! To know what Peter Jackson’s Halo project is, and a God of War III announcement.

Jeremy Hill. I’m hoping for some solid release info for Home other than just Fall 2008. It’s taking waaay too long to get that out. I want to see something from Mega Man 9 too. It’s been years since the last one, all those Battle Network games don’t count to me. Some price cuts and those rumored new controllers from MS and Sony would be nice too.

I also want: L.A. Noire, it’s like that game fell of the face of the planet.

Matthew Razak. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on some of the indie games at IndieCade and also Velvet Assassin over at Gamecock’s non-E3 event.

I also want: to get some time with Resident Evil 5, something truly astonishing and not casual from Nintendo, the first decent Batman game, and Sony pulling themselves out of their slump and truly blowing everyone away.

Luke Walker. I would like to get new info on older announced games like Disaster: Day of Crisis and Sadness. But, what I love most about E3 time is the announcement of new things I didn’t expect at all. Who knows, Nintendo might bust out with something unexpected. I’m sure they’ve got at least another 20 Pokemon games up their sleeves.

I also want: another Paper Mario Wii.

Jason R. Wallace. I’d like to know what the hell happened to Heavy Rain and Alan Wake. Plus a solid release date for Street Fighter IV and more on this “Lips” business.

I also want: a Resident Evil 5 demo, Chrono Trigger DS details, Microsoft to tell us what’s going on with their R&D department.

Mike Wehner. Ideally, I’d like the surprise announcement that Resident Evil 5 will make a Holiday release. If I can’t get that, I’d settle for an early 2009 release with a remake of RE4 being released for 360 and PS3 by November to ramp up excitement for the new title. I’d love to hear something more on Home, or something that will get me excited to play my PS3 again.

I also want: to hear some announcements about some more Dreamcast titles making thier triumphant return to Xbox LIVE. A BioShock 2 teaser would also be most enjoyable.