Bungie a no show at Microsoft’s E3 press event, teases something

There’s been a lot of rumors about a new Bungie game this past week. The guys at Bungie themselves teased it during their latest podcast, hinting that something will happen on Monday. The game, thought to be an Xbox LIVE Arcade game by some, was predicted to be announced at Microsoft’s E3 press briefing which ended a while ago in a big-bang FFXIII for the 360 announcement, but Bungie was nowhere to be seen.

Nevertheless, it looks like Bungie is still prepping an announcement that will take place in the center of all Bungie fans — on Bungie.net. Though not today but in just under two days. The site is currently showing a mysterious splash page that appeared today, along with a small counter on the lower right side that, at the time of writing, has just under 1 day and 18 hours to go until it reaches zero.

So move along, nothing more Bungie-related to see here for now. But do keep your eyes on TVGB for a story that will appear around the same time that the counter reaches zero.