Free show for You’re in the Movies

At Microsoft’s press conference earlier today, people got a look at You’re in the Movies, a title that Microsoft hopes will offer gamers hours of party-gaming fun. This is a game where you and your friends will be able to compete with each other in games in a series of mini games, by putting you in the game, literally. The game uses, and comes with, the Xbox LIVE Vision camera which captures your actions and puts you into the game.

Don Mattrick, John Schappert, along with a lady employee who’s name I’ve rudely forgotten, also gave a little on-stage demonstration on how the game plays. First up was Mattrick, showing off his running skills as the screen showed him in clown pants trying to run as fast as he can before a truck pulled him back by a bungee cord. He was actually able to make it to 2000 yards, amazing! Then it was the Schappert’s turn, who had to sap away wasps before they stung him. And lastly, the female employee had to dance while striking some poses, with disco-like music blairing and people clapping her on. That last mini-game actually seemed to be the more confusing of the bunch for the mere fact that the signals it gives for the poses are so mixed up and fast you really have to be on your toes.

The game is developed by Codemasters and will “premier” exclusively on the 360 this holiday season, leading us to believe that Sony might get in on some of this action at a later date as well. First screenshots located in the galleries as always.

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