New Gears 2 footage looks mighty fine

Yet another hotly anticipated title reared its head at Microsoft’s E3 press conference in the form of Gears of War 2, naturally. The game was demoed on-stage by Cliff Bleszinkski, and showed off some intense cooperative gameplay.  Bleszinkski took control of Marcus while a developer backstage took the role of his sidekick, Dom.  The demo also showed off a couple of gameplay elements.

The first element, one that we already knew about, was the ability to use enemies as a human shield while engaged in combat.  Marcus grabbed a nearly-deceased locust and held him, by the neck, in front of himself to avoid enemy fire. Another element that was shown off is the most anticipated new weapon for the Gears sequel – the flamethrower.  As you’d expect, it cooks enemies to a nice crisp. The final thing that I noticed is that a few minutes into the demo, Marcus shoots at some grappling hooks that are being thrown up the side of the platform he’s on.  Is this a hint at a new Locust ability, or was something about to crawl up that they didn’t want us to see quite yet? The future will tell.

For now, check out the video for yourself above, pay very close attention to what is said near the ending, and mark your calendars for November 7th.  Re-emergence day awaits.

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