Resident Evil 5 gameplay has co-op and a guy with a bag on his head

Microsoft threw their press conference first and thus got to show off brand new Resident Evil 5 gameplay before anyone else. We saw on stage the online cooperative mode that had been rumored to be coming to the Resident Evil series, and also got a look at plenty of zombie/alien/infestation/whatever head shots and gushing blood. Jun Takeuchi, the game’s producer came out on stage with two more developers from Capcom and demonstrated how players will work together to cross bridges and other obstacles, and also back each other up with coverfire via things like sniper rifles and grenades. This also allowed for a chance to introduce Chris Redfield’s new partner, Sheva.

The two worked their way through a zombie infested building after Chris helped Sheva over a large gap. He then covered her back side while she ran down to unlock the door and let him into the area. The zombie things seemed pretty fierce but also a bit more intelligent than the traditional amblers of even RE4. The game looked really pretty and the way the zombies reacted to getting hit by bullets actually impressed me more than anything – really realistic.

Aside from that, the thing that was most exciting was a siting of a revamped chainsaw wielding, baghead monster at the end of the demonstration. Takeuchi hinted that the boss would need to be taken down through cooperation between both players and that it would be no easy task. The only question I’ve still got about the game is how it will play in single-player? Seems like a game with so much focus on multiplayer co-op won’t be much fun with a computer companion, but who knows.

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