PS3’s Video Store open for business tonight

At Sony’s E3 press conference earlier today, SCEA President Jack Trenton, and Director of PlayStation Network Operations, Eric Lempel, showed off what it will be like to use Sony’s new store. The first thing you will notice is that the Video Store has an identical interface as the game store. Users will be able to browse movies as they would content on the PS Store, selecting between alphabetical, genre, and studio. Once a movie is selected, there’s several options to choose from, including renting the SD or HD versions of the movie, previewing it, or purchasing it. The price points for the movies are similar to that of the Xbox 360, $2.99 for an SD movie and $5.99 for its HD counterpart, and $14.99 to purchase the movie. Not all movies will be offered in HD, and it is unknown whether or not you will be able to purchase movies in HD.

The download times of the movies will vary based on your bandwidth and the size, but Lempel said the average time to download an SD movie would be about an hour. Streaming is also possible. Once downloaded, the movie can also be moved to a PSP via a USB cable and take it on the go.

Overall the store is as slick looking as its gaming counterpart. With studio backing such as Warner Brothers, Disney, MGM, Turner, Fox, Paramount, LionsGate, and of course Sony Pictures, they should have an impressive lineup of movies right out of the gate, and according to Jack Trenton, the store will see weekly updates with all the latest movies. Add to that the ability to take the movies with you and what you have is a pretty robust service.