Nintendo’s E3 press conference – everything that happened

Nintendo has been very quiet on their plans for the rest of the year, and this press conference is something Wii owners have been looking forward to like a wide eyed child waiting for his next bed time story. Will Nintendo announce anything new, anything for the hardcore gamer, a new Zelda, WiiSports 2, or just get through it with a smile on their face? Time to find out!

  • Reel runs, showing a lot of happy people of all ages having fun with the Wii and the DS.
  • Cammy Dunaway takes the stage (no Reggie?) to open the conference
  • Shaun White on stage, showing off his snowboarding game using the balance board
  • Dunaway tries the game too, doesn’t completely humiliate herself (j/k)
  • Satoru Iwata takes the stage, talks about change in the global gaming market, how Nintendo has expanded into the casual market, breaking down the wall between gamers and non-gamers
  • Katsuya Eguchi reel runs, shows off Animal Crossing Wii. Talks of new communication method and introduces WiiSpeak, a microphone. Game will be out this year.
  • Reggie takes the stage, says they’re pleased, talks of sales numbers, shows with graphs that Wii rules all. Starts talking about software and “veteran gamers”.
  • Reel starts, shows Star Wars: The Clone Wars with MotionPlus, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV party, Call of Duty World at War.
  • Dunaway takes the stage again, starts talking about the DS, and the success it’s had. “DS appeal is universal.” Reel runs, showing Guitar Hero OnTour Decades, and Spore.
  • New Pokemon game announced (sarcastic “yay!”)
  • Grand Theft Auto for DS announced, set in Liberty City, new engine, same free-roaming gameplay.
  • “DS may be tranforming itself”, Reggie takes the stage, talks of MotionPlus, announces WiiSports Resort (basically WiiSports 2).
  • WiiSports Resort comes packaged with MotionPlus. MotionPlus being demoed on-stage, looks much more responsive than the regular Wii remote. Three Resort games (“a small taste”) demoed.
  • WiiMusic demoed, Miyamoto makes an entrance, 50 different instruments in WiiMusic (drums, sax, piano, guitar etc etc), balance board usable as drum pedals. Miyamoto and co, put on a WiiMusic performance.
  • Reggie and Dunaway close the show by going over everything they’ve presented “more smiles to more faces”

Whew. Next up – Sony’s press conference!