Portal: Still Alive to bend your mind on LIVE Arcade exclusively

They say good things come in small packages.  I’d buy that, especially after what was perhaps the shortest announcement of Microsoft’s E3 press conference, when the endlessly lovable GLaDOS let all the conference goers know that she’s definitely “still alive”.

During a short break between Mii’s *cough* I mean Avatars, and JRPG megatons, GLaDOS’ booming voice cascaded over the greasy mass of nerds and neck-beards and informed us all that if you want to experience the next Portal title, you’ll need two things — an Xbox 360, and an internet connection.  That’s because Portal: Still Alive is landing on the Xbox 360 exclusively, and it will come in the form of a brand new Xbox LIVE Arcade title.

What form the game will take — a game resembling the original, or a smaller title more typical to what we usually expect from an Arcade title — is unknown, but a seller it will no doubt be. Stay tuned for more concrete info on this as creep closer to release.