Princess Debut to…debut on Nintendo DS

If there is one thing that I’ve always loved about videogames, it is their ability to transport the player to different times and places, allowing them to assume the role of their characters in attempts to save the world, their friends, and themselves.

Case in point, take Princess Debut, developed by Serious Fun and published by Natsume. The premise of the title is straightforward enough: players take control over a princess pressed for time and in desperate need of a date. She has thirty days to woo one of six strapping young lads¬† —¬† who, it would seem, speak primarily though the language of dance – into accompanying her to the ball.

Part rhythm game, part adventure, Princess Debut utilizes the DS touch screen, allowing players to guide their characters in a wide variety of dance styles, including such favorites as tango, ballroom, and waltz. The game also features a branching storyline, giving players reason to play again and again as they attempt to obtain all fourteen potential endings.

Intended for the young ladies, Princess Debut is due this fall.

And, yes, that is a bunny our protagonist is dancing with.