Acrobatic splendour with the new Prince of Persia

For some time now, we have known that the new Prince of Persia game will be a lot different than its predecessors. The graphics have taken a new approach and it almost resembles a mature “Wind Waker” game, with its illustrative, cell-shaded look. Ubisoft showed off some of the game mechanics [part one above] at E3, and it looks quite stunning.

First of all, the fighting system looks both interesting and (perhaps) frustrating. Each enemy the player faces is said to be a real struggle for you and your female counterpart, and players shouldn’t expect to sword-fight their way through the game easily. “It’s gonna take everything you’ve got to defeat this guy, and every other enemy in the game,” Ubisoft said while demonstrating a duel. The cinematic effects while rumbling looks amazing though.

Another thing that looks cool is the role of your companion, Ellika. Her main objective seems to be to give you that extra push when you try to jump long distances, but she also pulls you out of evil pools of Corruption, so that you don’t have to experience those dreadful “Game Over”-scenes. Instead, you get a new shot without having to resurrect. It seems as if our prince wouldn’t last many seconds without a bit of girl power.

Finally, we get to see some beautiful lit up graphics. After Ellika have gotten rid of all the Corruption, a exquisite, green and lush world awakens. What strikes you is the immense beauty of the scenery, and as Ubisoft puts it, “Unlike most videogames you’ve seen before.” Just hope that the game won’t be too dark and obscure while the Corruption is still active. Those games often gets frustrating after a while.

Those who liked the previous games in the Prince of Persia series, will most likely enjoy this game as well. It shouldn’t matter if you’re an advanced or a casual gamer, the new acrobatic system is said to suit everyone.

Now check out part two of the walkthrough:

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