Bungie working on another Halo, says Mattrick

You know that announcement that we were supposed to hear about today, you know, the Bungie one? Yeah, so that didn’t happen. Apparently Bungie’s publisher, in all their infinite wisdom, thought it was not quite the time to open the doors on this hotly rumored title, and as a result a notice was posted on Bungie.net where the teasing splash page with the countdown clock once was. And who can really blame them, there’s so much news coming from E3 right now that the game wouldn’t get near as much coverage as it would post-E3. So like the splash page initially instructed, we just have to stay calm.

As for what the game might be, looks like another Halo game is it. Microsoft’s head of Xbox business Don Mattrick has confirmed to Multiplayer’s Stephen Totilo that they are indeed working on a new Halo game with Bungie. And to clarify, this is not the Halo Wars RTS which is handled by Ensemble Studios, nor the mysterious Peter Jackson Halo project. This is something else.