Damnation you’ll enjoy… seriously

If I told you there was a new shooter coming out in the near future that featured a post-industrial theme and an evil corporation, would you be surprised? Neither would I. Now, what if I told you that this shooter abandoned the typical hallways and endless corridors of the majority of shooters and concentrated more on vertical movement and choice in your path? Yeah, I’m interested too.

The shooter in question is Damnation, which is headed our way courtesy of Codemasters. A few things that are being promised about Damnation are the ability of the player to chose their own path, as well as there being “literally thousands of feet” of vertical movement. While playing in huge, open environments, the player gets to choose their own path on how to complete their objectives. That might mean hunkering down for cover on a ledge or climbing to your limit to get a better lay of the land. Damnation also features something called “Spirit Vision” which allows the player to see through walls and predict the actions of your adversaries. The game will feature a fully fleshed out single-player campaign as well as multiplayer match-ups. No release date has been announced, but we’ll keep you posted.