Massive Action Game brings 256-player matches to PS3

Sony’s E3 press conference didn’t bring with it many brand new announcements but still, there were a few, and one of those few was a new PS3-exclusive title called Massive Action Game, or MAG. Coming from Socom-developer Zipper Interactive, MAG’s biggest selling point — mainly because we don’t know much else about it — at the moment certainly seems to be the 256-player online matches. “What the hell?”, you might think. And indeed, that sounds pretty insane if any kind of order is to be expected. Andy Beaudoin, who talked shortly about the game during the press conference, said that Zipper’s plans include focusing the mayhem by splitting the game patricipants into 8-player squads. We’ll also see character advancements and “ongoing faction-based campaigns,” something we’ll no doubt hear more about in the future. But for now, all we have is left is the pre-rendered trailer above.