New Famitsu reveals Dead Rising Wii

One of the most surprising new IPs to come out this generation has been Dead Rising. Though there have already been plenty of zombie games, Dead Rising‘s sandbox approach to the survival horror genre was refreshing enough to make it one of the more popular games of 2006. During Capcom’s E3 press conference last night, many were expecting an announcement of Dead Rising 2, but unfortunately we had no such luck.

Scans from the most recent issue of Famitsu were more revealing, showing off the first screens of Dead Rising for the Wii. The game isn’t a new rendition of Dead Rising, but a port of the Xbox 360 version. The news really shouldn’t be too startling, seeing as how Capcom’s last zombie-killing title, Resident Evil 4, was also ported to the Wii. It may not be Dead Rising 2 like we were hoping, but at least we know Capcom is doing something with the IP. The scans don’t give any apparent release date, so stay tuned for updates as they come.