Nintendo calls out rivals, sticks chest out

Nintendo has been flying high on the success of the DS and Wii, the two systems that in hindsight many thought would cripple the company into the gallows of bankruptcy and in no way, shape or form be able to hold a candle to their respective counterparts. But a couple years later, Nintendo has a stranglehold on the market and their competitors are starting to implement some of the ideas that they based their foundation of success on.

In two separate statements, both Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Aime took aim at the competition. Iwata struck first blood, stating: “There is still work to be done breaking down barriers. We know from experience that even if an idea is revolutionary, people still get bored of it – this happens even more if people try to re-produce what has been done before.”

“We at Nintendo always challenge ourselves to be pioneers. We hope you enjoy the ones we have today.”

Reggie came in as a closer and put his stamp on the matter during his wrap-up at Nintendo’s E3 press conference, “It’s inevitable that when the paradigm shifts, imitation is just around the corner. The next challenge is to disrupt your own thinking.”

Can’t say that they’re not exactly telling the truth. From Wii remotes to SIXAXIS, Mii’s to Avatars, to courting casuals, Nintendo has been treking through untapped territories.  But to say that companies are “re-producing” vs. adapting to the changing climate might come off as little cocky.  But you know what they say, winner doesn’t just take all, they also get to write history.