Sony’ Jack Tretton not happy about a multi-platform Final Fantasy XIII

The biggest bomb by way of surprise announcement at this years E3 has to most definitely be the fact that Final Fantasy XIII will be making its debut as a multi-platform title for the first time in the series’ history.  It was such a shocker that the internet exploded and disrupted the space time continuum with the overwhelming love and hate launched at the announcement from gamers all across the globe.

So given Square Enix’s move to bring the series to both systems, how would you figure the Sony higher-ups were taking the news? Jack Tretton discussed the move and gave his personal take at a recent round table discussion. When asked whether he was disappointed about Square’s move, his reply was, “I guess disappointed is clearly an appropriate term.”

Tretton then went into a little tidbit about Sony concentrating heavily on internal development and managed to imply that the only reason that Final Fantasy XIII was appearing on the 360 was because of Microsoft’s deep pockets, stating, “I think Microsoft has spent the majority of their money on trying to curry favor with third parties.”

In the end, Tretton put the hateraide down and offered his insight on what we might see as an increasing business model from third-party developers: “I think software companies look and say ‘there’s no check big enough for us to do exclusive development’ …I think it’s going to be harder and harder to have third-party exclusives as we move forward.”

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