Wolfenstein teaser shows the game is really real

Ah, Wolfenstein, such fond memories we have of you — one of the founding fathers of the FPS. Remember the late night gaming, friends leaning over each others’ shoulders faces awash with the light from the monitor, loading up in DOS…DOS, what chums we all were. Now times have changed and games have evolved, but it’s good to see that you’re still with us.

This debut trailer comes fresh from E3, showing the new look of Wolfenstein. There’s so much happening on the screen that it’s actually hard to tell what exactly is happening. But there are explosions, flying Nazis, electric powered Nazis, shooting, and great scenery. Good times. Oh, and Nazis and Swastikas?

Wolfenstein is being developed by FPS masters id Software and published by Activision. No ratings or release date has been given. Hope for 2008, but enjoy the first trailer now. No doubt we’ll see and hear more of this durin QuakeCon later this month, along with RAGE.