Namco Bandai shows off We Cheer, gamers demand name change

With what is likely to be a must-have title for those Wii owners looking to sharpen their cheerleading skills, Namo Bandai presents We Cheer, due this fall for the Wii. But just in case you aren’t in the know in regards to the title, here’s the gist of it:, We Cheer is, as you would expect, a cheerleading title, offering players the ability to, a la titles like Boogie, swing their arms around in an attempt mimic the actions performed by their on-screen characters.

Giving players the abilty to cheer to over thirty licensed songs, We Cheer features mega-hits from the likes of Hilary Duff and Plain White T’s. This, of course, instantly makes it more likely to be the kind of game your younger sister would like to play, assuming she is into this kind of stuff.