Sony officially killing backwards compatibility

Sony will officially be giving backwards compatibility the axe in future PS3 systems, Jack Tretton said at an E3 roundtable discussion, “Hardware / software for backwards compat wasn’t all that expensive. … but we’re selling PS2 software to PS2 customers, and selling PS3 software to PS3 consumers.” The move signals a strategic approach by Sony to cut down on the cost of the PS3 and adds further fuel to the speculation fire that Sony might be trying to once again offer a price cut on current and future models of the system.

“I would like to have had it in there, but Sony’s collective strategy determined we could afford to lose it. We’ve now gone down that road, and we’re not going back,” Tretton added.

It’s too early to say if this is a good or bad thing, but we have to at least give Sony credit for acknowledging that it really is time to put a lot of their focus on their future console and its base.