Afro Samurai trailer debuts, we get excited

Good news for fans of the anime mini-series Afro Samurai, the game is well on its way to retail and is looking pretty damn good. This first trailer for the title, which is due out in the Autumn (that’s Fall for you US peeps) of this year, gives us a glimpse into the virtual world of Afro Samurai. The visuals, which astoundingly (and we’re sure coincidentaly) resemble that of the upcoming Prince of Persia game, are as pretty as we could have hoped for.

Its always good to see cross-media IPs looking like they’re actually going to turn into good games. Afro Samurai, like all good cult anime series, has a core of rabid fans who’ll slaughter anyone who dares sully their beloved title and it looks this passion (or terror) is inspiring the developers to make sure that the product is a top drawer experience that does the series proud. At the very least they’ve done their research with regards to music, the RZA of Wu-Tang fame is composing and producing the game’s soundtrack.

Lets hope Namco can keep meeting the high standard it has set for itself, we’ll be very happy if they do.

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