Crysis Warhead screens, gameplay show more of the same..

..which in this case is more kick ass non-stop-blowin’-stuff-up awesomeness. Yeah, I dig Crysis, can’t you tell?

Crysis Warhead is a parallel story to Crysis, taking place on the other side of the island, and is said to be even more heavily focused on action than its older brother, so what can possibly go wrong? Add in a more developed and enhanced version of CryEngine 2 so more people could play the game with all the eye candy turned on, and we’d say Crytek has another solid recipe on their hands.

The player steps into the boots of Sergeant Sykes, aka Psycho, this time around. Sykes has access to bigger and better weapons, meaning he can cause more mayhem more easily than Nomad could in the original game, and since it seems the North Koreans kept all the good stuff on the other side of the island, also has access to a bigger variety of vehicles to both blow up and use as transportation. Besides the new single-player campaign, there will also be new multiplayer content coming, but Crytek is very hush-hush on what exactly that entails for now.

Check out the new screenshots in the gallery, gameplay montage after the jump.

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