SouthPeak bringing Roogoo to Wii, DS

Roogoo, the adorable little puzzle game that’s available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and one that has garnered much love from That VideoGame Blog, is spreading its wings. Besides moving to the PC, we’ll also have the choice of picking it up for the Wii and the DS later this year. The Wii version will naturally let players use motion controls, while the DS version has some stylus action going for it.

Roogoo is a perfect fit for Nintendo gamers,” said Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games. “It’s a great family-friendly puzzler with fantastic gameplay that can take advantage of the unique offering of these two systems. We’re very excited about making Roogoo part of the Nintendo lineup later this year.”

There will new game game modes and levels but at the core, it’s still the very same game. The player has to help to save the Roogoo from the evil Meemoos by guiding oddly-shaped meteors through rotating platforms. Up to to four players can enjoy the new adversarial, cooperative and party play modes, and owners of both the Wii and DS versions can use the DS as a controller for the Wii, “which adds to the challenge and fun.”

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