Stylus racing with Moto Racer DS

Nobilis and Artefacts have released more information on their Q4 2008 DS exclusive Moto Racer. Moto Racer DS will be paying respects to previous Moto Racer games by including Moto GP, Traffic, Supercross and Freestyle modes.

The Moto GP mode will have racers speeding through the 18 different tracks on one of 12 motorcycles. There will also be championship, single race, time trial and multiplayer modes. In traffic mode, players will have to survive the city streets on 8 motorcycles and 10 tracks. Not only will Traffic have multiplayer and duel modes, but there will be 10 different missions including pizza delivery, slalom, wheeling and highway star.

Players more interested in off road fun can go for Supercross and challenge 12 tracks on 12 different bikes. Supercross has the same modes as Moto GP. Players can also enjoy high flying stunts in Freestyle mode in championship and records mode. Line up the run and pull off 16 tricks on 12 motorcycles on 4 tracks.

Artefacts says they’ve has worked hard to give players full stylus control to pull off amazing tricks and the sharpest turns ever. It will feature 8 environments like mountains, desert, forest, highway and downtown; 32 different bikes with unique acceleration, turbo, speed and handling and 44 different tracks. Best yet race fans, up to four players can go head to head off one game card or race against eight friends who have the game via Nintendo’s Wi-Fi connection.