MGO expansion turns Konami towers into a pile of smoking rubble

Konami are just having no luck whatsoever with this whole online malarky. Since the launch of the ‘Gene’ expansion for Metal Gear Online, the servers over at myKonami have screamed, smoked and spluttered under the weight and sheer volume of players trying to get hold of the update. Lest we forget, this isn’t the first time Konami have felt the pressure of countless would-be players all trying to access their servers simultaneously.

While the some members of the MGO team may be pressing the big red abort button and ejecting out of Konami via an escape pod (as opposed to their heads bouncing rolling out the front door) the crisis management team has kicked into full gear and is currently picking up the pieces of their server network and gluing them back together one teensy bit at a time.

A bit of a slow down, or a pulling the plug entirely, whilst they quickly expand the capabilities of their servers would be fine. However, some players who had already paid for the expansion have found themselves subsequently unable to download it. On top of that, the survival battles that were planned for this weekend have been cancelled and both the reward and MGO shop have been closed. If you want to follow this whole messy business as and when it happens you can do at the MGO support blog.

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