To much shock and chagrin, Nintendo Power reveals new Sonic game

Remember this? Last month, Nintendo teased readers with a new title that had many readers seeing visions of a new Zelda or Kingdom Hearts title. But, that’s certainly not what they got. Turns out that super secret title was – surprise, surprise – a new Sonic game, of all things. It’s not a traditional Sonic title either. The cover to the newest Nintendo Power features a sword-wielding Sonic staring forward with determination, but all gamers see is the frightening prospect of Sonic with a sword.

It’s certainly better than him touting a gun and riding a motorcycle, though. Or is it? Certainly SEGA has been throwing fans some curve balls with their recent titles, giving fans just about everything but what they want – speed. It’s still up in the air as to what this newest title will bring to the table, but let’s just hope its good.

Details are light at the moment, but should come pouring in once someone cracks open the new issue.