10tacle teases their space MMO

A new teaser has been released for 10tacle studios’ space action MMO Black Prophecy. For those unfamiliar, Black Prophecy has already been praised for its eye candy. IGN laid it down saying, “We demand all games henceforth to look this good,” and that it “…might end up being the best-looking MMO around.”

Black Prophecy has more going for it than just good looks though — this one also has personality. Reakktor Media may be developing the game, but the plot was all written by acclaimed German science-fiction author Michael Marrak. Set in the distant future (the mid 26th century to be exact), after man has explored and colonized countless planets, humans have had to adapt to space life and thus created two new races, the cybernetically enhanced Tyi and the biogenetically altered Geniden.

These two races have outgrown humans and now battle for supremacy, a battle that has put them in contact with a terrible alien life form, and now this ancient evil is going to all out war against all mankind. Players choose between the rival Tyi and Geniden as they race to save humanity. Fly solo in a personalized ship, join a clan or fight as part of an entire fleet to achieve power and salvation.

Sadly, the teaser above is just that, a teaser. PC gamers won’t be getting their hands on this one till Q1 2009.

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