Does your shoulder angel SPRay slime?

Nintendo may not be showing off much for the core gamer, but thankfully third-party developers have games to show aplenty, like the newly announced Wii exclusive SPRay from EKO Software and publisher Tecmo. In this action platformer, gamers take on the role of a “Spirited Prince” named “Ray” — get it? S P Ray? Awesome, right? Ray’s kingdom has been invaded by an evil Queen and her army of anti-matter soldiers.

Ray will have to save his kingdom and his mommy by sword swinging, puzzle solving and vomiting. What? That’s right, this “Spirited Prince” will have two spirits helping him through his journey — one “angelic” spirit that shoots water and ice, as well as a “wicked” spirit that spews vomit, slime and anti-matter. This spray mechanic will be used for puzzle solving as well as fighting. For example, some enemies can be frozen or slimmed, while anti-matter spray can be used to trap enemies; slime is used to help reach higher spaces and players can move faster on sheets of ice.

Another great feature of SPRay is that when returning to levels to find hidden paths or objects, all previous sprayings are still there. Returning with new abilities to find secrets is sure to add replay value and each stage has multiple missions. Also, parchment papers will be found throughout the world and once put together, a complete piece will help to unlock areas.

SPRay will include a multiplayer element where friends can compete on the same Wii — sorry no online — in games like Paint It and Sticky Chewing Gum. The gameplay is already being hailed as a mix of Mario Sunshine and Zelda, which certainly isn’t a bad thing. We’re sure to hear more good things before its Holiday 2008 release.