Eyes-on / Duke Nukem Trilogy…kind of

If most of you are like me, then you’ve pretty much given up hope on there EVER being a new Duke Nukem game. Now, even though I’m excited that Deep Silver decided to pick up the title and make a trilogy out of it — appropriately called Duke Nukem Trilogy — with Apogee Games for the DS and PSP, what bugs me is that THERE WAS NO GAMEPLAY during the announcement! And all they gave us at E3 was the same trailer that had a few pictures of Duke. So I guess I can say that it looks good so far…at least the pictures anyway.

Since there’s no game to rave or rant about, I’ll just give y’all the info that the guys at Deep Silver gave us when showing off the trailer. Unlike Duke Nukem Forever, which is literally taking forever to come out (yes, I realize I’m about a decade late with that pun), you can expect the first game of the trilogy to come out in the Summer of 2009. The name of the three games to be expected are Critical Mass, Chain Reaction, and Proving Grounds. Critical Mass is said to be set in the future, where Duke has to jump into a time generator and go find a bunch of agents who suddenly vanished. Of course, as the plot gets more fleshed out you find out that all that is happening is all Duke’s fault, which is why he must jump back to the present! That cliff-hanger leads to the second game, Chain Reaction.

In Chain Reaction, Duke feels it’s his duty to fix the problems he created, which have yet to be revealed because they happen in the future. No other information was really given for this title yet, but none the less we all know that it’s gonna leave us with yet another cliff-hanger that will ultimately lead to Proving Grounds. Well, the future and present are already covered so that just leaves the past. in this last installment players will actually be leading Duke through World War II. It’s even been said that the famous American flag raising in Iwo Jima will actually feature Duke in there, being the main guy holding the flag. Aside from that, we’ll even find out what his actual name is.

But, is that really the end? Who knows, there might be a cliff-hanger at the end of the third game as well. Hopefully this isn’t just a fluke and there actually might be a game. I kinda miss that smart-mouthed guy that chased the strippers. But please, the next time they show something of these three titles, let there be actual gameplay, because a teaser trailer can really only go so far.