Play for a new law team in Defenders of Law

There’s a new law team in town and not just for the Nintendo DS. Defenders of Law, Inc.: Crime in Willburg is currently being developed by GAMEINVEST for the DS, Wii and PC. In this puzzle-based crime drama, players chose one of five star litigators (Sophie, Margaret, Mark, Phillip or Jane) and have just 15 days to investigate and gather evidence to defend their client in a murder mystery.

GAMEINVEST founder and CEO Paulo Gomes said, “As an attorney in the game, players will uncover the mysteries behind each individual character while proving the innocence of their client. It creates a much deeper experience than the typical casual game yet it’s still accessible to everyone.”

Evidence is composed of things like fingerprints, footprints and blood samples found through a hidden object game mechanic. Once the evidence is found, it is analyzed at the lab and then presented as a deck of cards. In the courtroom, players will battle the district attorney in a card game to determine the client’s fate.

GAMEINVEST promises 40 hours of ingeniuos gameplay with the 5 different characters to choose from, and 25 detail rich scenarios guaranteeing a different experience each playthrough. No release dates have been given as of yet — so much for the right to a speedy trial.