Your Gamerpics are safe, the New Xbox Experience has some options

When Microsoft broke the news, and images, of the Xbox 360’s upcoming fall dashboard update, many emotions were on display across the Internet. Many were pleased, as the new format looks much cleaner and more “grown-up” than the current version. However, an interesting point was brought up by some more skeptical members of the gaming populus: what would happen to all of our themes and Gamer Pictures that we paid our hard-earned Microsoft Points for? Fear not, your paid-for content is safe. In Major Nelson’s latest podcast, he gives us some insight into the workings of the New Xbox Experience.

“Here’s my message to you: you don’t actually have to use it. You can never go there, just leave your game disc in and pretty much do everything that you could before but on the Guide level – one button press away in every single game.”

“The Dashboard as you know it today, in other words the ‘blades’; Games, Live, Media and System,” Nelson continues, “We’ve taken those blades and moved them to the Guide. Every single function that you can do today in the Dashboard you are going to be able to do in the New Xbox Experience in the Guide.”

“When you press the Guide button on the Xbox 360 controller, the new Guide will come up and you’re going to be able to do everything in there. You’re going to be able to contextually browse Marketplace, did you know that? So when you have Gears of War 2 of Halo 3 in there you’re going to be able to go straight to that section.”

And perhaps most importantly: “If you don’t like the avatars, they’re not required. You can use your Gamer Pictures.”

So how do you like that? Microsoft won’t be forcing anything down own throats when this fall rolls around. Refreshing, no?

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