Dead Rising Wii details

Capcom has been kind enough to drop some concrete details following the Famitsu scans from last week and formally introduced Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for Wii. Like Resident Evil 4 for the Wii before it, Chop Till You Drop is a port, but also like RE4 it may have enough going for it to make you want to buy it again or experience it for the first time.

For those that haven’t played it before, Dead Rising follows the plight of Frank West, a freelance journalist in pursuit of what he thought would be the story of his life. Too bad his lead took him to the small town of Willamette, which has just been overrun by the undead. Frank holds up in the town mall (sound familiar? Yeah they got sued for the whole mall scenario), and the game stays there, giving Frank a series of cases and fellow survivors to save.

Frank has everything in the mall at his disposal from weapons like golf clubs, umbrellas and park benches to getting food and drink at the food court to up his health. There are also a number of different outfits and situations for laughs, which is more of a focus for Dead Rising than straight up horror like Resident Evil games.

Now for what’s new. This Wii version is getting a better save system to make play more seamless, proving that developers do listen to gamers. Dead Rising will be using the same game engine as RE4 for Wii, so we know it will look good and will fully utilize the Wii’s motion controls to aim guns, swing and throw weapons to shake off zombie attacks. Surely this control scheme is where we get the Chop Till You Drop subtitle, so have some ice picks on standby when the dead rise yet again this Winter.

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