Living Picture to help bring FragFX PS3 controller to the world

If you’re one of the many PlayStation 3 first-person shooter lovers stuck waiting for your ultimate game pad, the FragFX controller by SplitFish, then we’ve got good news. SplitFish has just announced partnering with Living Picture for exclusive worldwide distribution of all its current and future controllers. This means that SplitFish will now have access to all of Living Picture’s distribution networks and Living Picture will immediately provide financial and sales resources required to boost SplitFish’s production. This will mean more controllers, like the PS3 FragFX, in more numbers (enough to actually buy and not just wait list) and in more places.

What is so good about this controller? Well, the FragFX gives PS3 gamers what we’re hoping gets perfected with the Wii remote soon — true PC quality gameplay control on a console FPS. SplitFish has “split” the PS3’s controller into a mouse and what G4TV has already dubbed the “FragChuk,” because it obviously takes from the Wii Nunchuk. The mouse has the standard action buttons at the thumb position and is used to shoot and look around. Not only is this great for gameplay, but the the mouse can be used in menu and is prepped for PlayStation Home, whenever that finally gets here.

The FragChuk has the 6-axis motion control, so in games like Resistance: Fall of Man players swing the remote forward to reload or rifle butt someone. This remote also offers a speed dial and frag button, so players can slow the movement of the mouse for smoother sniping or to speed up or slowdown the gameplay.

SplitFish already demonstrated the unmatched control this controller gives by having its team members trounce the competition and gain the number one spot on the Call of Duty 4 leaderboards. At $59.99, the FragFX may be just the thing gamers will be buying up when the backordering stops.