Nyko rocks it old school

Listen, we here at TVGB understand why E3 had to be scaled back, really we do. But when we walk around from meeting to meeting room all day covering the latest gaming news, and the closest thing we come to a booth babe is an attractive PR agent, there is something seriously wrong. This is why, before we dive into the plethora of peripherals we were shown by them, we must applaud Nyko with all our hearts. Stepping into their meeting room was like rolling into a little bit of E3 past with booth babes, decorations, a bar and furry sofas. Having never been to E3 in its hey day, all I could do to breathe a sigh of relief that at least in this one room someone still appreciated all the pomp and circumstance.

We would have been fine playing Rock Band the entire time with Nyko’s red haired booth babes on Nyko’s surprisingly sturdy third-party guitars, but evidently they had also invited us there to show off their wares. The main item on show was Nyko’s new Intercooler TS systems for the PS3 (image) and 360 (image). Both designed to compliment your system and keep it running cool, these are basically upgraded versions of Nyko’s previous cooling systems. New features include TempSmart which allows the Intercooler TS to start the fan when it detects a spike in temperature from the console, and stops it when the console cools down, leaving the system at the optimum temperature at all times. It was explained to me that this is most useful in more hot, arid climates where the system needs to be able to adjust to the hotter temperatures. The PS3 version also offers a customized cooling option for variable fan speed and both versions come with their own power sources so that systems can continue to be cooled even after they’re shut off.

I’ve never personally had any system cooling needs, but, having seen these guys all set-up, if you do I don’t think you could do it in a slicker way. The TS will ship in September with a price tag of $34.99 for the PS3 and $24.99 for the 360. I guess they figure PS3 owners have more money to burn since they don’t have any games to buy.

Sorry, that was uncalled for (and untrue) but it was hard to resist. Even more hard to resist though is Nyko’s Media Hub for the PS3. OK, that was cheesy, but really, if you have a the 40 gig PS3 then this is actually hard to resist since it gives you back the USB ports that were taken away and also the media card reader. Plus, it makes plugging in all those Rock Band peripherals way easier. Now, we have no clue how well these all work since we didn’t get any time to experiment with them other than seeing Rock Band played through the hub, but Nyko’s quality is usually second to none even when their peripherals seem a bit out there. You’ll be able to pick the hub up come August at a price of $19.99.

Otherwise Nyko had the standard line-up of controller charges, wireless Nunchuks and plastic gun shells which normally wouldn’t get us all that excited, but surrounded by babes and white plastic decor everything seemed a little more important. Maybe old E3 had something going for it after all.

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