Quantum of Solace DS screens and info

So TVGB is a little behind on showing you these new Quantum of Solace for the Nintendo DS screens and I will take full blame for breaking my earlier promise of bringing you every last drop of information as soon as it gets to us. Better late than never though, especially with a DS game looking this…blocky and un-detailed? Did someone over at Vicarious Visions miss the memo that DS games don’t need to look like PSOne rejects anymore?

Well, at least the gameplay sounds remotely interesting; starting with the fact that the DS is held sideways, which worked really well for Ninja Gaiden DS. Since the game is going to be almost completely controlled by the stylus I’m hoping the guys at VV pay close attention to how well Ninja Gaiden DS was executed and learn from it. Players will be able to shoot, sneak and melee all with the touch screen. Melee will even be handled by an “innovative touch screen combat system,” which in PR speak means we’ll probably be playing a mini-game or rubbing the stylus over an enemy in order to attack.

The game is also going to feature an upgrade system that involves playing cards (a nod to Casino Royale which the game’s plot will involve along with its namesake) and the ability to choose which Bond talents you’ll want to improve depending on your style of play. If you’re more of a sneaker you’ll want to upgrade stealth, while a shooter will want to upgrade accuracy. We’re just guessing at those examples, but we doubt we’re far from the truth.

The game will be coming out around the time of the movie. Think anyone other than die hard Bond fans are going to want to pick this up?

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