Dead Space Downfall trailer

Dead Space is going to be awesome. Just look at the level of research the guys behind the game have put into it. This game is going to be scary and on top of that EA is really pulling out all the stops on creating a horrific game that looks drastically original to boot. The first of these stops to be pulled out will be the upcoming animated movie Dead Space Downfall, the trailer for which is above. The movie will chronicle the events leading up to the game and if the trailer is to be believed is pretty important to, though I doubt necessary, to understanding what is going on in the game.

Not so sure about the trailers claim that the movie will be a revolution in animated horror, but since the same guys who did the Hellboy animated films, it probably stands a chance. It’s awesome that they’re creating such an elaborate world around the game and having it branch out into other forms of media. Let’s just hope the game deserves all the attention when it releases this Halloween at which point we’ll be able to get our hands on the movie in Blu-ray or DVD format too.