MMO World of Kung Fu gets upgrade before launch

If you’re into Bruce Lee, or perhaps Chuck Norris, this Free-to-play PC MMO from VestGame Entertainment may be something for you. The game basically lets the players take the role as a martial artist in ancient China (Zhong Guo in-game), where they practice Kung Fu, take on several quests and interact with other players and NPC’s. The goal is to take part in the creation of the Wulin, a classic Kung Fu society.

The game has been up for open beta testing for a while, and a new upgrade is now available to represent the final version before the game’s release on August 1. The most distinct new feature is the addition of 8 new maps including the new country of Qinchuan, its capital city Jingchuan, a huge, accurate replica of the Forbidden City (which will be populated by dragons), a Dragon Maze, and more.

The new maps expand the game’s playable area by about 25%, and they are more or less available in real life as well. But maps aren’t the only new feature, players will also enjoy new quests, bloodthirsty enemies such as the Tang Serpent and the Mojia Warriors, a new “Divine” weapons class and the ability to reach level 80.

“The new features and additions to gameplay as well as numerous ‘under the hood’ technical enhancements really add polish to World of Kung Fu, and that is being reflected in the numbers of new registered users we see signing up every day”, says David Clarke, World of Kung Fu’s Producer.

Gamers who are interested in the culture and mythology of East Asia should definitely try this game out, as it seems to have captured the mystical and complicated conditions that is required for a game like this to succeed. On the official website it says, “Rooted in traditional Chinese society and mythology, the game is designed to provide an authentic cultural experience in which the player will be exposed to the depths of China’s ancient philosophy and rich customs while enjoying amazing adventures in a fantasy game world setting.”

We probably won’t be hearing people talking about WoKF instead of WoW in the future, but a free MMO featuring roundkicks and beyond is definitely worth a try.