New stand-alone expansion for Silverfall

With Diablo 3 tugging at our heart-strings, many of us are revisiting our favorite hack ‘n slash games to hold us over. To help fill the void (seriously, that’s the only reason) Monte Cristo Games has announced the release of Silverfall Earth Awakening for PC.

Earth Awakening is a stand-alone game, putting players in the unknown territories of Nelwë. However, players of the original Silverfall can import their character and bring along those skills and whatever armor or items they have. Players can choose from six races — Humans, Elves, Goblins, and trolls as well as two new races, the stocky Dwarves and treacherous Lizardmen — when starting a new file, and each race has skills specific to them such as Elves being the best archers or Trolls having great strength.

One of the great features of Silverfall is the ability to completely customize equipment. Players can use object crafting tools to create armor, weapons and enchantments by combining shapes, textures, colors and types of magic. These items can then be traded in multiplayer mode. Also, there will be over 150 skills and magic spells including 8 “Ultimate” skills and 12 “High Level” skills to cause serious damage.

Silverfall Earth Awakening will have a full multiplayer mode for up to 8 players via LAN or the Internet where players can trade the gear that they made and then crusade as a group against monsters or duke it out Player vs. Player.