Perimeter 2: New Earth trailer

I am always looking for innovation in games, so the latest trailer from KD VISION Games for their upcoming RTS game Perimeter 2: New Earth has got me interested. Although at first it looks like all the other RTS games in the world (gather resources, build factories, produce units, have fight), they’re claiming new gameplay features that could lift it above the competition.

KD VISION have included terraforming and some RPG elements. The former feature can be used to alter the terrain in order to help your troops and harm the opposition. This kind of gameplay has massive potential for tactical thinking and could help to make each level a new experience, even on multiple playthroughs. The latter feature requires you to search (by digging) for power-ups, called Psy-Crystals. These can be used to enhance your attacks, but how this will work exactly is not clear.

Graphically the game looks very basic, and some of the units look like they are borrowed from a game that has been around for a while, but the new layer of complexity, and a few graphical improvements between now and release could turn this in a decent little game.