The Dark Knight gets its game

A few weeks back I lamented about how surreal it was that the critically acclaimed film The Dark Knight did not get the video game adaptation it so rightfully deserved. Apparently I was wrong, as Gary Oldman spilled the beans on the game that’s currently in development. During an interview with G4’s Kristin Holt (the video of which G4 pulled yesterday but has now made available again, above), Oldman spilled the beans on the game’s current development as he described a scene in the game where Batman was meeting his character, Jim Gordon, on the rooftop of Gotham’s Police station.

The game is rumored to be released around the same time as the DVD release of the film, but who knows when that will be as the film just broke the 200 million dollar mark in just 5 days, setting a new record for number of days a film has grossed that amount. Interestingly enough, perhaps the developers didn’t want to rush this game and we can experience a game to transcend the sub mediocrity level of movie based games much like its cinematic counterpart has transcended the superhero film genre. Only time will tell as I’m sure we all know, just because a film is good doesn’t mean the game will be (‘cough’ Iron Man!).