Marvel Fusion Comic Con trailer and a wee bit of details

This newest trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance II: Fusion finally gives us a better look at just what the “fusion” business is really all about. Rather than teamwork hits like in X-men Legends, heroes will combine their powers to rather amazing cinematic effect. The trailer shows classic comic book moves like Hulk throwing Wolverine for a Fastball Special and Spider-Man webbing up some foes for one of his partners to take out. Everyone will have different combinations, encouraging players to vary their teams.

This month’s GameInformer has a six-page blowout article with behind the scenes info, so if you are remotely interested in this game you really need to check it out. Everything from the first game has been upgraded and players can expect a pretty amazing Marvel game. The fusion mechanic looks great and is even upgradeable. Add to that the inclusion of Havok physics for a more destructible and realistic environment, and this game is quickly becoming a must have for comic fans.