Mirror’s Edge to be a comic

This is a bit of a turn up. For years comic books and graphic novels have provided a rich source of characters, stories and ideas for the games industry. Well, now the roles have been switched. Mirror’s Edge, the soon to be released FPFRSCG (that’s First-Person Free Running Shooting Courier Game – I just made that up!) from EA will provide the source material for a new limited edition comic book series from DC Comics.

“This partnership with DC Comics sets the stage as readers explore Faith’s world in Mirror’s Edge,” said Owen O’Brien, Senior Producer for DICE who are developing the game for EA. “The unique graphic style offered by the comic book genre is perfect for taking fans through her back-story. Frame by frame, page by page, we’ll learn more about the events that shaped both her and the city.”

The six-part comic series that will be written by Rhianna Pratchett (who was also involved in writing for the game) and illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith will introduce readers to Faith and her fellow ‘Runners’ -– a network of couriers who use acrobatic moves to avoid being detected as they traffic packages across a network of rooftops and aerial skyways. Whether this series will be a prequel to the game, a sequel or something else is not clear, but it will definitely be canon.

The game itself is due for release later this year for the PS3, 360 and PC, and it might be a wonderfully fresh take on the FPS genre. First of all it looks fantastic, the environments are bright and colorful, and make a nice change from the muddy browns we are all used to from all the WWII and sci-fi shooters that are currently flooding the market. As the producer interview below tells us, color is cleverly used in a feature called “Runner Vision” to indicate where to go on each level, but you don’t have to follow the clearly marked path. Each level has multiple routes that encourage you to replay the levels multiple times, and there will be different rewards and achievements to extend the replay value still further. You can even turn off “Runner Vision” to really ramp up the difficulty.

Judging from the gameplay we have seen so far, I have a feeling that this will play like a cross between Prince of Persia and SSX Tricky. It’s all about using the environment and finding the right path whilst maintaining your momentum. The thrill will come from nailing it perfectly and this will take many attempts to get right.