Miyamoto: New Mario, Zelda in development

Yes, we now have permission to squeal and giggle with excitement. Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo has confirmed that he is heading up development on two brand new Mario, Zelda and Pikmin games. Those who saw Nintendo’s E3 press conference will remember that Satoru Iwata did allude to the fact that new iterations of the popular, nay, legendary franchises were in development (all be-it with no details whatsoever), sending fanboys the world over into a frenzied whirlwind of speculation and rumor mongering.

In an interview with the Telegraph Miyamoto, when speaking on what the different development teams at Nintendo are up to, said, “They are all working on more Mario, Zelda and Pikmin projects.” He added, “They all work in close proximity to me, so I can keep a good eye on them.”

There was never really any doubt as to whether those franchises were going to see new installments (well, maybe Pikmin) anyway, so this news should hardly set the world on fire. It’s still exciting though, isn’t it?